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Doing our part to help the environment takes heroic actions by each of us. That's why RideFinders strives to keep you informed about the latest news in smart transportation choices, how it affects us, and simple changes that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

We want you to be aware of what great options are available to you so check back often for changes or further developments. We'll keep you posted! 


Chesterfield County has partnered with RideFinders to encourage Chesterfield residents to Try Transit. During the week of September 15-19, 2014, Chesterfield County will encourage residents to try transit express routes in the County - the ... Chesterfield Express (81x) or Commonwealth 20/Swift Creek Express (82x) as well as reward existing express transit riders with the opportunity to qualify receive a $5 Starbucks gift card. Riders will simply log onto http://www.ridefinders.com/, register, and log a minimum of one bus trip during that week. Gift cards are available while supplies last; one gift card per person.

Registration is free and easy. "Riders will find that it's so easy to register and record their trips that they will log on more than once," said Von Tisdale, RideFinders' executive director. For more, information contact RideFinders at 804-643-7433. View bus routes and schedules at http://www.ridegrtc.com/planning-your-trip/find-a-route/


Vanpool riders needed for Chester to Richmond route.  Van leaves Chester @ 7:15am with arrival in Richmond between 7:30am and 7:35am.  The van drops off at VDOT and VA Lottery.  The van returns to Chester between 4:55 pm and 5:00 pm.


To join this van, please contact Brigitte @ 804-474-9904 or bcarter@ridefinders.com.



The Sixth Annual Try Transit Week is September 15-19. Starting today, you can visit www.trytransitweek.org and pledge to try a form of transit during that week.

Participants who pledge to try transit are automatically entered for a chance to win a year of free transit service from the Virginia transit operator of their choice, along with a pair of round-trip tickets aboard Amtrak's Northeast Regional train. Pledges will be accepted through September 19, 2014.

Visit trytransitweek.org for contest rules and regulations.



RideFinders, a division of GRTC Transit System and the region's rideshare agency, was recently recognized by the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) as the Outstanding TMA during the 2014 ACT International Conference in San FranciscoThe annual awards ceremony recognizes outstanding organizations and individuals in the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) field for innovative concepts, creative solutions, and professional achievement.


Specifically, The Outstanding TMA award recognizes the transportation management association (TMA or TMO) that has best used its public/private partnerships to achieve local and regional transportation goals.  RideFinders' award-winning entry, Phase II: Continuing to Make an Impact- An Evaluation of RideFinders' FY 2013 Transportation Demand Management Program, quantified RideFinders' travel and environmental impacts in the Richmond Region and documented the overall impacts of RideFinders' TDM program including commuter express and fixed route bus service.


"RideFinders is proud to say that this project, a partnership between RideFinders, the Commonwealth, the Southeastern Institute of Research (SIR) and LDA Consulting, was a culmination of an extensive research and evaluation program to quantify the travel and environmental impacts of mode changes influenced by our services," said Von Tisdale, RideFinders' executive director. "RideFinders will continue to provide the RVA region with commuting solutions that are environmentally and financially sound to commuters and those entities that invest in our organization."


"The Commonwealth's public/private partnerships continue to produce outstanding results, and we are glad to invest in them," stated Jennifer Mitchell, Director of the Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), the state funding partner to RideFinders.  "Our partnership with RideFinders allowed DRPT to provide input and guidance on this project, and we join all those involved in this initiative in celebrating the outcome.  One of DRPT's top priorities is transportation demand management, and we are pleased to see our funding being used to improve upon an already great program."


"Every day, organizations and individuals in the TDM field accomplish vital work," said Mark Wright, ACT's executive director. "ACT members strive to provide sustainable transportation options and cost-effective mobility solutions for commuters, employers, and communities. The 2014 ACT Annual Award winners were chosen by their peers as the best of the best."

RideFinders assisted more than 11,400 people to find convenient and sustainable work transportation, directly eliminated more than 34 million VMTs, removed about 5,700 vehicle trips per day from area highways, eliminated 34 million pounds of greenhouse gases, and helped save 1.9 million gallons of gasoline. There are 583 daily commuters using Express bus service and 1,036 daily choice commuters on fixed route bus service.  Impacts were calculated for new riders in the past two years. A copy of the 2013 Technical Impact Report detailing the calculations and methodology is available at RideFinders.