What People Are Saying

Bus Riders

Ms. Haynes, thank you soooo much for your assistance in getting me the customized trip plan...I am so excited because I took the bus to work this morning.  Like I expressed to you, I enjoyed taking the express from the west end but didn't think transit was an option since my move to the east end...Anyway, I've definitely benefited from this RideFinders service and I truly appreciate your quick assistance with my traveling needs.  I'm looking forward to all the benefits of taking transit! Riding the bus to work will do my mind, car, pocket and the environment good!  Thanks again!
- Tammye Davis, FHWA

Everyday is stress free. I love it!
- Cheryl Lewis, Virginia Community Corps

Riding the bus was always something I thought about doing but just couldn't or wouldn't make myself do ...After replacing the transmission in my work car, I decided to try commuting and couldn't believe how easy it really was. The bus keeps me on schedule in the morning and afternoon and it allows me to relax during my commute not to mention the cost savings. I have incorporated commuting into my schedule and don't plan to switch back to the wear and tear of driving everyday.
- Brian King, Virginia Department of Transportation

My GRTC experience has been good. When GRTC took away the 7:00 a.m. bus it was painful trying to take an earlier bus, but GRTC saw the needs and desires of their riders and returned the 7:00 a.m. bus and that shows they listen to their passengers. What I save on gas is remarkable just by participating in the Park-n-ride. The area we park is clean and well lit. I don't worry about anything happening to my car. Overall, I have no complaints and I'd encourage others to ride GRTC. It's time you can spend reading, listening to music, conversing with others or doing my favorite ... sleeping!
- Genea P. Johnson, Office of the Attorney General


RideFinders has played a major role in my decision to commute to work via the VPSI Van Pool System. I've had the opportunity to use the service on several occasions, and was completely satisfied each time. On one occasion, my job agency had me attend a Business Conference; away from our job site, and that afternoon I could not get away from the conference in time to get back to my job site, and catch my van back home. I called RideFinders and they came to the Business Conference, picked me up, and took me to a major Car Rental Agency and arranged for me to get a car to drive home. I congratulate RideFinders on their great service.
- Miles H. Johnson, Jr., Defense Supply Center of Richmond