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About Us

Who we are

Who we are

RideFinders, a division of GRTC Transit System, is the regional non-profit agency that works to move more commuters in fewer vehicles throughout the Central Virginia region to protect air quality and increase the efficiency of the region's transportation network.

RideFinders' efforts help increase the efficiency of our transportation infrastructure, improve the air we breathe, enhance quality of life, and sustain a healthy economy.

Since our inception in 1981, RideFinders continues to pave a path for our region's future. Read about our historical roots.


To foster increased efficiency of the transportation system by influencing travel behavior by mode, time, frequency, trip length, or route. As a result of implementing our mission we expect to reduce traffic congestion, conserve energy, improve air quality and reduce transportation-related expenditures of individuals, employers and governments.

Evaluation of RideFinders' FY2012 Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program Impact

Please click here to review the final report.

RideFinders Long-Range TDM Plan

Please click here to view the RideFinders Long-Range TDM.   Click here to read Appendix AClick here to read Appendix BClick here to read Appendix C.

Programs and Services

The list below is a glossary of programs and services we provide for commuters and employers throughout the Central Virginia region. Click the links for more details, and find out how you can get involved.

  • Transit Information:
    provides commuters with GRTC transit information; sells transit fare media; and promotes the Commuter Choice and swipe card programs.
  • Vanpool Services:
    supports vanpools; provides vanpool formation services for area employers.
  • Carpool Matching:
    "matches" commuters with those in their neighborhoods that also share similar work locations and hours.
  • Clean Air Campaign:
    helps to improve the region's air quality and notifies employers of Ozone Action Days issued by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Commuter Choice Program:
    assists employers with the development and implementation of tax-free transportation benefits programs.
  • Telework:
    RideFinders serves as a resource center for program development, technical assistance, and financial incentives at employer sites.
  • Downtown Commuter Guide:
    provides a map of downtown public parking lots with a corresponding price list and providers.
  • Emergency Ride Home Program:
    provides taxi or rental car service to get home in the event of an emergency for registered commuters who ride the bus, vanpool, walk, bike or carpool to work at least three days a week.
  • Transportation Planning:
    supports transportation demand management (TDM) strategies through the regional transportation planning process and serves as a distribution site for requests for public input on draft transportation plans.
  • Employer-Based Marketing:
    promotes TDM strategies through the Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) network established at employer sites.
  • Employer Relocation and Site Analysis Services:
    assists with implementing TDM strategies during company relocations, conducts employee surveys, produces density plot maps for vanpool and carpool formation, and develops employee trip reduction programs.
  • Bike and Pedestrian Commuter Services:
    supports commuters who bike or walk to work with the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program and safety clinics.
  • Park and Ride Lot:
    provides formal and informal park and ride lot information to area commuters who are interested in taking advantage of a shared-ride commute mode.


Stop by and meet your friends at RideFinders. For your convenience, RideFinders accepts all major credit cards for purchases.  Please note that a 3% convenience fee is applied to the total purchase when paying by credit card.

  • Purchase GRTC Go Cards and CARE tickets
  • Buy postage stamps
  • Purchase fun, commuter-related items, such as umbrellas, tote bags and coffee mugs 

We're open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Excluding major holidays) Map it

1013 East Main Street
The Historic Ironfronts Building
Richmond, Virginia 23219
(804) 643-7433 or 1-800-693-7433



Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored COMPOOL, the South's first non-profit ridesharing program. COMPOOL was fueled by the gas crisis of the late '70s and heightened public awareness of environmental concerns.
COMPOOL used the first-ever computerized system to arrange commuter carpools, and turned vanpool vision into a reality.
COMPOOL changed its name to RideFinders, and joined forces with the Central Richmond Association to develop the country's first downtown parking and commuter information service.
Marked the initiation of vans, mini-buses, and subscription bus service to Kings Dominion -- the start of the landmark Capital Area Training Consortium Vanpool program, which helped arrange transportation for people who needed it most.
Work began on the Transportation Allowance program to coordinate commuter-oriented fringe benefits offered by Richmond Region employers. The Guaranteed Ride Home was introduced to allow ridesharing commuters who may need to leave work early or stay late a way to get home by taxi, and RideFinders would reimburse most of the cost. The first Employers Transportation Management Association was developed.
RideFinders assisted GRTC Transit System in starting the Transit Fare Subsidy Program.
Commuter Store opened on East Main Street in Richmond. RideFinders teamed up with the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce and the Retail Merchants Association of Greater Richmond to form the Ozone Advisory Program.
The Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Network is launched to help dedicated citizens arrange alternative transportation for their co-workers through RideFinders in businesses all over the region. The RideFinders organization came under the management of GRTC Transit System, allowing for an integrated total transit system in the Greater Richmond Region.
RideFinders implemented the Commonwealth Commuter Choice program, that provides state employees with vanpool vouchers and transit tickets.
Convened meetings of the Vanpool Advisory Committee, a bike-pedestrian study, and the first series of ETC roundtable discussions.
"Get Aware of Your Air" initiative educates a whole new generation to the dangers of ground-level ozone.
After 25 years RideFinders continues to assist the public and organizations about the link between transportation choices and overall quality of life in the Central Virginia region.