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Green Means Go: Employers can be heroes too!

Sustainability Makes Good Business Sense.

Sustainability is an important issue for many organizations now more than ever. RideFinders is here to assist employers navigate business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Our free employer services include implementing biking programs, telework technical assistance and virtual transportation fairs to provide employees with their commuting options. Addressing these services in a meaningful way especially during the pandemic is critical to engaging employees. RideFinders has provided tips and resources for both employers and employees during this time.

John O'Keeffe, Account Executive, explains how he has adapted to the new way of doing business and how RideFinders is still assisting employers. Click here for COVID-19 tips and resources.


We're here to assist employers develop commuter programs and incentives to help employees find the right transportation choice for them whether it's carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, biking, or teleworking. Click here to stay abreast of all of our current news and updates.

Ready for a RideFinders Account Executive to assist your organization's transportation needs? Call us today at 804-643-7433 or contact us online or reach out to our Account Executives directly - Brigitte Carter (brigitte.carter@ridefinders.com) and John O'Keeffe (john.okeeffe@ridefinders.com).

RideFinders Free Employer-Based Services include:
Benefits of Using RideFinders Employer-Based Services:
  • Free on-site services offered by RideFinders to help set-up commuter programs and ridesharing incentives.
  • Customized employee transportation program development.
  • Marketing materials to promote programs at your worksite. We'll provide you with free materials and advice you need to create a great worksite promotion.
  • Participation in employee events, such as health and transportation fairs, at your worksite to promote commute programs to employees.
  • Opportunity for employees to directly meet and talk with RideFinders staff about their commute options.
Three Simple Steps to Get Started
  1. Call RideFinders at 804-643-7433 to speak with an Account Executive.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your designated Account Executive to assess your company and employee transportation needs.
  3. Work with an Account Executive to develop a customized employee transportation program.

Find out how to make your company more competitive in recruiting and retaining employees while helping the bottom line through the Commuter Choice program.



ETCs are dedicated transportation champions in the workplace, serving as liaison between your organization and RideFinders. RideFinders offers free training and recognition opportunities for this volunteers opportunity. ETCs help their fellow employees by:

  • Distributing RideFinders brochures and posting flyers
  • Emailing Ozone Action Days alerts provided by RideFinders. ETCs are at the heart of our effort to help Richmond stay out of the red during Air Quality Action Days.
  • Encouraging ridesharing and commuter programs
  • Distributing information about special promotions, incentives, and volunteer opportunities.

I'm ready! Sign me up as an ETC so I can be a workplace hero!

Need more information on how you or someone in your company can be an ETC? Call RideFinders at 804-643-RIDE or contact us online.