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Caring Commutes Challenge for 2023

Fall in love with your commute again with the Caring Commutes Challenge. During the Caring Commutes Challenge, simply record a minimum of six (6) “greener” commutes - carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, walking, biking, teleworking - that show you care about the environment during the month of February. Trips that combine two separate modes such as biking and the bus count too! 

The Caring Commutes Challenge is open to any new or existing commuter who lives or works in the Central Virginia region. Trips must be recorded from February 1, 2022 - February 28, 2022 to be eligible for the challenge period.

How to Participate
Participating is fun, free and easy! Simply log into your existing RideFinders account or create a new account and record your "greener" trips. Click here to learn more about our free Rides & Rewards app. We will give away fun prizes during the challenge!

And don't forget to participate in our Caring Commutes Social Media week - a week dedicated to showing the planet and your community you care through "green" commuting and positive impacts through social media prompts!

Caring Commutes Social Media Week: February 6 - 10 
Follow the prompt for the day and post a picture or video using the hashtag #caringcommutes2023

Mobile App Monday: You’ve got the key to our hearts when you show our mobile app some love! Download our free Rides & Rewards app.
Telework Tuesday: Telework makes life sweet because it skips the trip to the office with 0 emissions. Show us your telework space or your furry co-workers.
Wheel You Be My Valentine’s Wednesday: Show your bike a little love and take it for a ride to replace a car trip.
Transit Thursday: We love the way transit rolls! Take a selfie at your bus stop and post a thank you message!
Feel Good Friday: Do something good today for the environment like ridesharing or vanpooling! Record your “greener” trips using our free Rides & Rewards app.