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NuRide is Coming Back to RideFinders

RideFinders has some big news! We are in the process of upgrading our matching service this month and want to let you know that NuRide is coming back! What does this mean for you?

Get rewarded for greener trips. NuRide, the nation’s largest reward for commuters who take greener trips, is coming back to the RVA region. You will now be rewarded for carpooling, taking transit and vanpooling!  Registration is FREE and easy. Simply log on to NuRide.com/ridefinders, complete your profile then start getting rewards, recording trips, and finding ride matches! To help get you started, 1,000 points are already yours to use for dozens of national and on-line rewards. Local rewards will be coming soon!

We appreciate you doing your part to help clean the air and clear the roads for everyone and saving you some hard earned cash! We also look forward to you getting rewards of your greener trips! If you have questions about this change, please contact Team RideFinders at rideshare@ridefinders.com or call (804) 643-7433.